Best Time to Visit Bhutan from India | Good Seasons to Go

best time to travel bhutan for indian

It is said that the best time to visit Bhutan is all around the year since no matter when you choose to discover Bhutan, Bhutan owns its charms and attractions in every single time. There are four distinct seasons throughout Bhutan including Spring (from March to May), Summer (from June to August), Autumn (from September to November) and Winter (from December to February). The spring in Bhutan is the season of revival with blooming flowers while the summer will excite the hearts of adventurous travelers by pouring rains, low clouds as well as the stunning rainbows. After that, the autumn will impress you with golden ripped rice paddies and the winter will offer travelers from the South a chance to immerse yourself in the chilly weather and admire the spectacular white snow mountain ranges. Reading on to gain more understanding of useful information below to decide the most appropriate time for Bhutan holidays.

Best Time to Travel to Bhutan for Indian

If you wish to discover the best of Bhutan with interesting outdoor activities, departure in spring and autumn will be a wonderful decision. During these months, the weather is absolutely wonderful for trekking and exploring the natural diversity in national parks.

Bhutan Travel in Spring

3 months from March to May is the ideal time to visit Bhutan when you can explore the diverse floras and faunas. This is also the high season of Bhutan tourism. In spring, the temperatures are pleasant, ice from the top of the mountains starts melting along with the mild and dry weather. Bhutan now looks as a Shangri-La with resplendent colors of grass, blooming rhododendrons, and green fruit orchards everywhere. In addition, visiting Bhutan in spring provides you with a chance to attend Paro Teschu, one of the most important Bhutan festivals to indulge in the joyful ambiance of the locals and even be able to meet the King and Queen of Bhutan.

best time to visit bhutan in summer

Bhutan Travel in Autumn

Like the spring, autumn is also the perfect season to visit Bhutan of the enjoyable and mild weather. There is a little chance of rainfalls and the sky is always blue and bright. It is also a wonderful period for trekking tours in Bhutan that often include a trekking adventure to one of the most mystical Buddhist monasteries in the world – the Tiger Nest Monastery in Paro. You can also wander around the valleys to gaze out at the picturesque green rice fields turning to yellow, listen to the sound of gentle rivers embracing the slope of the silent hills. Furthermore, the Thimphu Tshechu Festival – the significant festivals are celebrated in the great exhilarating of people after harvesting. Besides, during the autumn, outside activities such as rafting kayaking and exploring natural diversity are also names of recommendation.

visit bhutan in autumn

Good Time to Travel to Bhutan

Due to the weather and climate, summer and winter often welcome a small number of visitors. However, they are still considered the most appropriate time for those people looking for a place of true happiness and avoiding the crowds and enjoy the peaceful aura.

Bhutan Travel in Summer

Summertime is easier and more wonderful for visitors to approach the traditional customs of Bhutanese people at vibrant local markets, colorful festivals as well as the lifestyle of the monks at monasteries rather than waiting in a long queue for a hiking trip up to the mountains. From June to August, Bhutan experiences the highest amount of rainfall of all year round due to the monsoon. Although the downpours do not last for over 3 hours, it seems not appropriate for travelers to trek to the passes or natural parks. Instead, admiring the stunning rainbows appearing after the rains will be a great choice.

summer is the wonderful time to visit bhutan

Bhutan Travel in Winter

Winter is the best time for those looking for a tranquil ambiance to take the best photos of the freezing snowy mountains and scrub the awesome snowmen. Bhutan’s winter remaining at the low temperature so it experiences a small number of travelers. Nevertheless, there are significant attractions such as Bhutan becomes much quieter and the price is cheaper than in high seasons with about the average of 200$ for each day of traveling in comparison to 250$ in the high seasons.

best time to visit bhutan in winter

In a word, Go Bhutan Tours will support you to choose the best time to visit India. We are confident that our knowledge of Bhutan will help Indian travelers to have memorable travel to Bhutan.